Friday, December 25, 2009

2009 Year in Review

I knew 2009 was going to be a good year when my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl. I've been a fan since I was child. My earliest memories are of watching them win in the 70's. I suffered through many bad seasons in the 80's and many disappointments in the 90's. It makes the championships now all the more sweet.

I turned 35 in March which also marked my 21st year of guitar playing. I never wanted to be a rock star. I just wanted to make a living playing guitar. Thousands of gigs, lessons, books and videos later I'd say I made it!

I find it humbling to realize that my music career is dependent upon all the people who work real jobs. In a sense I'm a kind of freeloader. We need farmers, construction workers, doctors and nurses before we need artists and musicians. We need clean water and electricity before we need guitar lessons. Entertainment is a luxury that is made possible only after the necessities of life are taken care of. And the whole industry relies upon ordinary workers who have the discretionary income to support it. Musicians, artists and entertainers ought not let their talents go to their heads. We're not as important as we think.

One of the freedoms of my job is that I can fill orders from anywhere. My wife, daughter and I always take trips during the summer with boxes of books and DVDs in tow. This past summer we visited Niagara Falls. Although I have always lived within 5 hours of one of the great wonders of the world I had never seen it. It was spectacular.

I don't gig anymore and have no desire to get back into it. The thought of going back to the bars, clubs and parties makes me want to vomit (which I saw plenty of back in the day. Even hurled at the gig a few times myself.) But I can understand why many people enjoy it. I guess I just had too much of a good thing. These days my only live playing is at church. It's a privilege to serve in a music ministry that honors God (especially considering all of the dis-honoring I participated in before).

Consider this: Music is not something we create ourselves, but rather it's something that has already been made for us and we simply discover it (if we've been given the gift). Think about it.

I recently finished reading the Old Testament beginning to end. It was a project that I started earlier this year. It required a lot of discipline and was tedious at times. I can't believe how fickle and foolish the Israelites were despite being privy to God's miracles, revelations and blessings. And the story is left incomplete because sin was not eliminated as God had promised. He says he's sending someone. Perhaps setting things up for a sequel?

I really enjoy getting outside and easing my mind with recreational activity. This past fall I finally felt comfortable enough on my quad to loft myself into the air on it. Fun!

What will 2010 bring? Hopefully a new book or DVD. I just need to figure out how to create more time to complete the projects I'm working on. Unfortunately, filling orders, answering emails, and blogging take up most of my work day. I still do most work myself. It may be time to hand some things over to others.

Oh, and I hope to start practicing my guitar on a regular basis again. Use it or lose it!

Merry Axe-Mas and Happy New Gear!

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Anonymous said...

Desi, I really appreciated your account of 2009 and especially your testimony. God's people still fail and falter, but you are right about Him doing a sequel. The New Testament is amazing and awesome! Thanks for the work you do. May God continue to bless you and yours in 2010.
Sincerely, wvgman

Anonymous said...

Ah, but what a dull existence we would lead if not for the arts. You are part of an essential element of civilization. Life without the arts, regardlesss of taste, is mere existence.

Anonymous said...

Musical talent, a great family, and a relationship with Jesus. How could you be more blessed? Merry Christmast Desi. I'm learning a lot from your fretboard theory book.


Anonymous said...

thx for the insight into your world, Desi. Glad to see someone making it playing guitar and teaching. I respectfully disagree about your views on music, although not as vital as water, food, and air can you imagine a world without music?

Pretty scary huh.

Thx for your lessons, they really do help.

Peace and Godspeed,


Eric S said...

thanks for you excellent teaching of guitar throughout your DVD's. I greatly appreciate it and so does my friends whom i keep buying the DVD's for.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Thanx for all the work you have done!! I am a believer in Jesus Christ and I would suggest reading the New Testament and see what the Lord has in store for his people.

God Bless and Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

It us wonderful to live in The shadow of God's blessings. Having spent 20 years in Medicine as a therapist, I consider teachers like Desi Serna to be a blessing. Your 25 years of musical training as well as instinctive straight -to-the-point teaching style allow newbies like myself to learn at accelerated rates!!!
I started 1 year ago, and am on pace to b playing rythm at church by summer.
Keep up the great work!!!
Bert L. PT

Anonymous said...

I very impressed by your videos and how simple it is to follow, you make the light bulb come on for me with music theory.

Anonymous said...

I have all the videos plus the printed pages great stuff

Anonymous said...

How do I get pod cast really enjoy the lessons

Anonymous said...

Dont let up on the music theory and how scales relate to melody of the song

Anonymous said...

Hey get this lesson you want be sorry great deals

Anonymous said...

Your a bad man, in a good sense keep it up

Anonymous said...

Cant wait for your next creation, you know how to do it

Mr. Desi Serna said...

Podcast is available on my home page. Scroll down toward the bottom.

sammyjazz said...

terima kasih untuk semua kiriman2 Anda. semuanya sangat musikalitas saya. Tuhan memberkatimu. Selamat Natal.

Hi, Desi. I'm Sammy, here in Indonesia. Thank you for your postings. Those were help me a lot. May God bless and keep you. Merry X'mas.