Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Questions About New Downloads

These are answers to some questions about my new DVD digital downloads.

Q: Can I buy and download an individual program or do you only offer the package deal?
A: Yes, you can download individual DVDs for only $18.95 each. Scroll down toward the middle of the order page.

Q: Do you offer free access or further discounts to customers who already own your DVDs?
A: Yes. I can discount them further for you (sorry no free access). Please email me and be sure to use or include the email address you originally ordered the DVDs with so I can confirm your purchase. I’ll follow up with the existing customer discount details.

Q: If I already bought and downloaded a .mov file can I be given access to the other formats?
A: Yes. Email me if you would like to exchange for a different format.

Q: I already own your videos. Why are you trying to sell them to me again?
A: I broadcasted this announcement to my entire mailing list. And I’ll be sending out a few more messages about it. Please disregard if you already own the videos.

Q: Do you have any new programs for sale?
A: No. But now that I’ve finished making my DVDs available as digital downloads I intended to create some new materials that will pick up where Fretboard Theory and my DVDs leave off. Stay tuned!

More questions or comments? Feel free to email me.


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