Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Christmas Wish 2010

Did you know...

...there are all kinds of scientists, scholars and researchers who believe that the Bible is really true? can make a real scientific case for creation and against evolution?

...circumstantial and historical evidence supports the life, death and resurrection of Jesus?

...the message of the Bible is the most important thing in life?

Don't believe me? I wouldn't expect you to. But if what I'm saying is really true, then you ought to be able to look it up and *see it for yourself* without taking someone's word or believing by blind faith.

My Christmas wish this year is that you would do something to learn more about this topic and develop a better understanding of why the Bible is the most influential book ever written and why the legacy and impact of Jesus is greater than that of any person or event in all of history.

3 different ways to get started...


I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist
Don't let the title of this one fool you. It's not just for atheists. I recommend this book to anyone, including Christians, who want to understand all the different types of evidence from different fields of knowledge that support the biblical worldview. I found this book to be captivating and one of the most important reads of my life. It totally changed how I viewed the Bible.


Did Jesus really exist? Is there any historical evidence of Jesus Christ? explains that there is overwhelming evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ, both in secular and biblical history. And this article is spoken and recorded so that you don't have to read. Look for the *MP3 Audio* button toward the top right of the article to listen. Once you're finished you can peruse through the 1,000s of other questions and answers. I recommend you start with their list of "Crucial Questions". Also, see their free audio podcast at iTunes. With resources like this you no longer have to be confused or wonder about what the Bible really says or means.


Origin of the Species: Was Darwin Right?
We now know that while Darwin was right about some things, he was wrong about others. Survival of the fittest, natural selection, mutations, and decent with common ancestry are all observable and well documented. But these processes cannot account for the origin of life or change one type of organism into a completely new type of organism. The fact is, bacteria remain bacteria, fruit flies remain fruit flies, and so on.

Lucy—She’s No Lady!
Textbooks and museums often portray Australopithecus afarensis (a.k.a. "Lucy") as having human hips, hands and feet. But did you know that the actual findings did not include these human features? Lucy had ape hips, hands and feet. Why the deception? Because there are no real ape-men to support the theory of evolution so evolutionists have to fabricate examples in order to build their case! And the worst part is that we all accept these bogus depictions without questioning them.

I'm a Christian. I don't identify myself with any specific denomination or practice - I just believe that the Bible is true and divinely inspired. Why? Because I *looked it up* and verified it. In fact, I was STUNNED at what I discovered! It changed my life (for the better).

Have you ever thought that "one of these days" you'll get around to learning more about this stuff? Well, now is the perfect time. Don't put it off any longer. Make this Christmas one to remember forever!

That's my Christmas wish this year.

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Merry Axe-Mas and Happy New Gear!
Mr. Desi Serna



Ken R. said...

Well said!

Darius said...

I also have a Christian heritage. I believe that all knowledge is divinely inspired. Setting the Bible apart limits the Creator and misrepresents Him/Her.

Anonymous said...

Christ is the Word. How to define that defies humanness, because our Creator is greater than any of us created ones. But God's Written Word tells us how to have a personal relationship with the Creator, and how that is only through the Christ of Christmas. Christmas is a season for JOY, and joy is expressed in music - even guitar music! Thanks for your tips, Desi!

Terrance said...

Great to read this.. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestions on Bible resources. I also appreciate your guitar lessons on how to play Christian worship songs. Please do it more. Have a Happy New Year, and Blessings from the Lord Jesus!

lionheart said...

Is this not the most amazing fact in human history that God became man and dwelt among us . Even if you are not a believer if it is true ( as I believe it is ) should it not be open to unbiased scrutiny,let the truth ring out . Thanks for the post Desi .

Mr. Desi Serna said...

Darius, thanks for your comments. It sounds like you're a perfect candidate for the resources I recommended. If you get a chance to check them out, then let me know what you think.

rexsteel688 said...

There is tiny amount of third party (outside the Bible) evidence of the existence of a teacher named Jesus and his Jewish sect. However, the Roman Record does not include any entries about this rabbi, which is an important fact in determining the lack of importance of the movement at the time. History becomes legend, and legend becomes myth. To then make the mental leap that the entire Bible is somehow divinely inspired, is inerrant, is literally true, and is the only expression of truth sanctioned by this god, is, well, an act of superstition (what you will most likely reframe as "faith"). Perhaps your Bible, and your faith in it, inspire you to live a better life -- to be more kind and loving; to feel forgiven and redeemed and part of something that matters. If so, I say that's great. If your tree bears fruit, it will be obvious. Show us your fruit through your actions.

Anonymous said...

The world needs a critical thinking revolution. I just want some good guitar instruction without having to forfeit my brain. Thinking like guitar playing is a skill that must be exercised.

There are many problems with the sources you name and the statements you make. I personally am weary of the argument but they are well documented.

Your guitar materials are first rate but I think I'll go elsewhere. I've opted out of future emails.

Everyone, beware when someone encourages you to not follow but look for yourself and then only gives you one side of the equation.


Ian said...

The difficulty that I wrestle with is not so much arguments for and against but whether or not believing makes a difference for the better. It seems that research shows that there really isn't that much difference between believes and unbelievers / nonbelievers (George Barna research) in the way that they live their lives.

Much of the Christian message is about sin avoidance and one's personal destiny (heaven / hell), about securing a benefit from the creator (good health, better pay, some even pray for parking spaces). Perhaps there is some merit in some of the stories accounted to Jesus in the gospels but there is so much added to this which is frankly offensive to many. Sorry for the negativity but it is not as simple as you imply.

Mr. Desi Serna said...

rexsteel688, to make the mental leap that that's the whole story is a mistake (and a good example of your own superstition and faith). As I mentioned in my blog post, there is plenty of evidence from different fields of knowledge to support the biblical worldview. I would encourage you to study the resources I cited more thoroughly.

Mr. Desi Serna said...

Ernie, do you have any logical arguments or actual evidence that you believe challenges my view? With all respect, your message contained a lot of emotional opinions, but I couldn't find any logical arguments within it. If you are able to come up with a rational objection to my original blog post, I would be happy to respond to it.

As for your idea that my motive is for people to only look at one side of the equation, the whole purpose of my post was to introduce people to the other side of the argument. Apparently it is you who feels that certain information should not be seen.

Mr. Desi Serna said...

Ian, I understand where you're coming from. You have raised some interesting points. But much of what you say ends up not being an issue when you understand the true message of the Bible and the evidence that supports it. Please consider the materials and resources I recommended. I think with a better understanding of this topic the difficulties that you wrestle with will go away. Mine did.

I would also remind you that God says, "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts (Isaiah 55:9)." You can't know the answers to everything. But this is no reason to remain apart from God.

rexsteel688 said...

Desi, you assumed that I did not study the material thoroughly. Not very logical, wouldn't you say? Actually, I'm a former licensed Christian minister who graduated Bible school with honors. It's been 30+ plus years since I left the church, so I've had plenty of time to continue my studies. And what's the purpose of including "..and a good example of your own superstition and faith..."? Seems like a put down to me -- like you somehow think you're superior to me -- instead of engaging in dialogue wherein we can learn from one another.

Mr. Desi Serna said...

rexsteel688, "superstition and faith" were your words. Did you mean them as a put down?

With all due respect to your education, Bible schools teach little, if any, apologetics (evidence, scientific investigation). Are you really familiar with modern arguments that have come out since you left the church 30 years ago?

Ian said...

It's cool Desi - I'm in my 50's and became a Christian at the age of 9 when in a fundamentalist denomination and then as the years progressed became involved in Baptist, Anglican, Charismatic and home church flavours of Christianity.

My comments below are in part formed from those experiences. I have read a lot over the years and I've come to the decision that there is a difference in knowledge and praxis. The sheer ugliness of the institution just became too much - manipulation for personal gain, glorification of power, gender inequality, money, politics ... the list is long.

In the end I just had to get about (some 5 years ago) to retain any sense of personal identity. I don't have any answers but live according to some of the materials in the gospels. All the rest ... I just cannot handle anymore. The strange thing is that I now regard myself as nobody special and just another person and with this I realise that people are precious - regardless of what labels we put them. So sad to see so many people damaged by manipulative religious practices - I'm not saying all people of faith - I am saying institutions which manipulate and control. These are just my own experiences and relate only to me ... Everyone has to make their own decisions.

rexsteel688 said...

Desi, actually my Bible school focused a great deal on apologetics, and yes, I have studied further since I began my religious deprogramming 30 years ago. I can respect a person's right to choose what they believe -- and I know some pretty cool Christians -- but my review of the "evidence" leads me to conclude that your monotheism is myth and your god is illusion. And that's on the record, which would be a scary declaration if your god's eternal, hellish torture chamber actually existed.

Mr. Desi Serna said...

rexsteel688, regarding how your review of the evidence led you to believe that God is a myth, I'm interested to hear how you would specifically respond to the case made with the materials I linked to in my blog post.