Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rolling Stone Magazine Endorses Guitar Theory Lessons

Aside from its usual fare of bands, pop culture and political figures Rolling Stone magazine seems to be keeping a keen eye on notable sensations in other areas including, of all things, guitar theory lessons. In the magazine’s March Site Specific column Shredding 101: Mastered Guitar Hero? These sites can teach you how to play for real, I was hailed as a “Music theory expert” for my iTunes guitar podcast. Recommended “For true geeks only,” my guitar lessons were cited for their clear and accessible instruction on scales, chords, progressions, modes and other music theory related topics.

Like the presidential candidate the magazine endorses, I have a special and personal connection to my online audience as a result of my independent, grassroots campaign to reach lost guitarists and share with them the benefits of learning music theory in a new and refreshing way. I provide aspiring guitar players with an abundance of free online guitar information including audio, video, articles and forum discussions. Sharing my guitar expertise and music knowledge not only garners me national recognition but also helps to promote my website where I sell my own books and DVD programs.

Check out the Rolling Stone magazine "Guitar Music Theory Lessons Podcast" article yourself!

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