Thursday, October 30, 2008

Diminished Guitar Chord Theory and the Major Scale

I'm way past there now, but when I was back in chapter 6 of Fretboard Theory I was curious as to why you didn't mention diminished chords as the 7th instead of "minor-flat-5"? At least that's the way I learned in back in school.

The seventh degree of the major scale does not produce a complete diminished chord. Instead you get a root, b3rd, b5th, and b7th. You'd need a bb7th (double flat) interval in order to complete a diminished chord.

One way to think of a full diminished chord is as all minor third intervals. Start on a root, go up a minor third (three frets), then up a minor third again, then up a minor third again, etc.

The chord building lessons in my book, Fretboard Theory, focus solely on the major scale. This foundational guitar theory information should be learned before you venture into more advanced topics.

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