Thursday, December 11, 2008

Guitar Theory Songs, Tabs, and Videos

I really find your book/info helpful and enjoy the updates and full scale marketing you do. One comment I have is regarding the book. In it you name songs or pieces of songs as examples of each area of discussion. I don't know if you already provide it with the DVD or other ways but it would much more useful if those songs or pieces were tabbed (maybe at the back). Now I find myself trying to find the song to listen and apply the information and get somewhat frustrated when I'm not sure exactly what you're referring to.

Songs are the reason why we all play. Knowing how technical things like scales, chords, progressions and modes apply to popular music is key to developing a good working knowledge of guitar theory. This is why I include so many song references in my book, Fretboard Theory.

Learning music theory for guitar is a process that requires work and practice on your part. I provide lists of songs that pertain to each topic, and a few details to indicate which part of the song to focus on, but it's up to you to look up and learn the parts.

There exists already so many great resources to help you learn songs including guitar tab and guitar videos. It just doesn't seem necessary for me to reproduce these things and try to include them in my book. The book would end up being HUGE and costing a fortune. And I'd have to jump through legal hoops in order to get the rights to print the music. I'll teach the theory and leave the tab books to someone else.

With all of this said, I do have some free guitar tablature that I give away to all website visitors who sign up for a free preview of Fretboard Theory (customers get the tab as well). And I have posted a ton of guitar videos at YouTube. This free stuff is intended to help you get started learning the songs I reference in the book.

You could have found this stuff with a little hunting. Like I said, the learning process requires effort on your part!

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