Friday, February 20, 2009

Pentatonic Guitar Picking Techniques

This video demonstrates a four note picking sequence used with pentatonic scale patterns for guitar. This is great for developing alternate picking and fingering technique, speed, and phrasing. It's suitable for players who have already master the three note picking sequence taught in the DVD, Getting Started With the Pentatonic Scale.


Anonymous said...


I recently purchased the Fret board theory complete package.

I have played middle of the road rhythm guitar for 30 years never thinking I could advance and had risen to my level of incompetence.

Well my friend you have changed all that. I am newly invigorated and listen to your pod casts in the car and visualize what you are saying and then try and take that pod cast and watch the appropriate video with my guitar when I get home. It has been only a week and what I know and have the potential to do makes me jealous for every minute I can steal with my guitar. I may never be the greatest when all is said and done but you have inspired me to practice my ass off and see what comes of it. It is all good.


PS: You may cover this somewhere but as I learn the Pentatonics and major chord progressions etc. What are minor chord progressions? If something is based around say an A MINOR. What are the other chords in that progression that I would be playing an A MINOR pentatonic scale over?


Anonymous said...

I've been studying your book and dvd's for the past few weeks. I want to thank you for waking up my hobby that was slightly dormant. I actually thought I could never learn scales, modes etc. I have been playing mainly acoustic guitar - just strumming and finger picking. Solos and riffs, I thought so, were beyond my skills.

Now I've ben jamming with your dvd's and learning all these interesting new things and new songs, too. No, I have not forgotten songs.
In other words, thank you very much for an exceptionally clear, concise but plentiful study pack. I have enjoyed it very much.