Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Confused About Guitar Modes

Why am I having a hard time understanding modes and modal guitar scales?

Guitar modes is a very misunderstood topic. The reason is because it's a music concept that stems from others. If you don't know the others, then you're not going to get it.

If you truly want to understand music modes and how they relate to popular music and guitar playing, then I suggest you first study chord progressions and playing by numbers. I cover this in Fretboard Theory Chapter 6. I also have a DVD entitled Guitar Chord Progressions and Playing by Numbers.

Also, modes are based on major scale patterns for guitar (which are taught in Fretboard Theory Chapter 5). Make sure you understand how to cover the whole guitar fretboard with major scale patterns and can play major scale songs.

After you have developed a good working knowledge of chord progressions and major scale patterns you'll be ready to explore the modal scale concept (which I have covered in the book and on DVD). I actually get you started on it in chapter 7 which is about roots, keys and applying scales (the heart of guitar modes). But I don't put it into modal terms until chapter 8.

With learning music theory for guitar, it's critical to completely master the fundamentals before venturing into more complicated and advanced subjects. Be sure to take things one step at a time as each concept prepares you for the next. Walk before you run!

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Chris O (Australia) said...

You will no longer be confused about guitar modes after viewing Desi's DVD. Desi's straight forward manner in explaining the modal concept together with actual application will remove any misconceptions you may have. The 2.5 hr DVD is crammed with examples and backing tracks you can use together with reference to songs to further your study.
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