Monday, April 26, 2010

Problems with Guitar Modes

"I've spent some time going over your podcasts (which are awesome btw), but I'm having some problem with the one you did on modes. It seems everywhere I look, they talk about using different scales ect. I know you said to ignore this, but what is the difference between what you teach and what these people are saying. Are you supposed to play different scales over the chords when you are going for an effect in a mode?"

Good question. The problem with most guitar modes instruction is that the instructors either assume you already understand the fundamental modal concept, or the instructors themselves don't understand it. As a result they end up teaching ideas that are offshoots of the modal concept and based on their own personal philosophy. I highly recommend you get my DVD Guitar Modes - The Modal Scales of Popular Music as it lays everything out as clearly as can be. Once you master the fundamental concept you may be able to wrap your mind around the other personal perspectives that are taught.

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