Monday, May 3, 2010

How to Play Guitar with Small Hands and Short Fingers

"Any tips for guitar players with small fingers/hands?"

With guitar playing, there are advantages and disadvantages with all hand sizes. If you have small hands or short fingers, then my advice is to not try to play like you have big hands or long fingers.

I met Brent Mason, one of Nashville's top session guitarists and an amazing player, and was surprised at how small his hands were (he's a little guy). He can do things that I can't do as well with my long fingers (like fret some chord shapes and play rapidly in tight spaces). He plays to his strength and I have to play to mine.

I usually feel more comfortable playing scale patterns that are spread out, like three-notes-per-string patterns. A guitarist with smaller hands probably does better to use scale patterns that fit into smaller positions.

Find what you can do well and... do it well! You may need to play some things differently than the recordings or skip them altogether, but this shouldn't hold you back. It certainly isn't holding Brent Mason back (see video linked to below).

Brent Mason Has Small Hands

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