Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Breakdown Tab Easy Guitar Solo Pentatonic Scale Lesson How to

This free guitar lesson is a great example of using A minor pentatonic scale patterns played in the style of "Breakdown" by Tom Petty. This is the opening lead guitar riff based in patterns two and one. Techniques such as slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs make this a great song for intermediate level players who are learning how to guitar solo. Get free tab for this song excerpt when you sign up for a preview of the book Fretboard Theory at: http://guitar-music-theory.com

Accurate & Complete Guitar Tab
To get the complete, accurate, fully licensed and legal guitar TAB for this song go to: http://www.unitedwetab.com/Guitar-Tab/Tom-Petty/Breakdown/11197?_dcs=DS20

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terry said...

Good stuff Desi, I just recently discovered your teachings and it is what I have been looking for.