Friday, May 22, 2009

No Woman No Cry Guitar Play Along Jam Track

Use this jam track to practice playing the lead guitar solo licks and phrases taught in the "No Woman No Cry" video lesson.

Chord Progression: C G/B Am F, C F Em Dm C

Guitar Scales: C major scale, C major pentatonic scale

Play Until Yer Fingers Bleed!
Mr. Desi Serna (Google me!)


gerry said...

pure and simple ,you are the best guitar teacher i have come across on the net ,i have some paid coaurse`s ,very good but not close to your teaching standard ,i havent got your fretboard theory yet ,but when fund` get better it is first on my list ,just spent another 2 hours plus looking at some of your videos ,i am amazed and think i understand a little more now ,wont know until i try and play ,however i do believe even the slowest learner like me will gain and learn a lot from you, im glad i found your site ,because now i think i will learn to play at last ,i have been trying to learn for a very long time and i do practise ,anyway i just wanted to say thanks ,and greetings from ireland , gerry

Anonymous said...

what gerry said