Monday, September 29, 2008

Best Notes for Guitar Bends with the Pentatonic Scale

You mention focusing around the root of the pentatonic scale when soloing (in the minor vs major section), and it sounds great. My question is in regards to bends, which is the skill I am focusing on now (along with hammer ons and pull offs). Are there any rules of thumb as to which are the best notes in the scale pattern to bend, most typically? the root? the third from the root? It would be cool to have a few particular notes in each pattern to focus on as it pertains to learning bends and small riffs containing them on the guitar.

The most common bends are to the root and fifth. When you bend the second note on string two in pentatonic pattern one, you're bending to the minor root of the scale. When you bend the second note on string three in pentatonic pattern one, you're bending to the fifth of the minor scale.

These same bends are used by guitar players with the major pentatonic scale too. The first example becomes a bend to a sixth interval. The second example becomes a bend to the major third.

The best way to learn about what scale notes you can bend on the guitar is to learn lots of riffs and lead guitar solos from popular songs. That's why I reference so many in my book, Fretboard Theory (and my guitar theory DVD programs as well). Look them up and learn them! The free guitar tab I give away to all website visitors will help you get started.

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