Monday, September 29, 2008

Major and Minor Diatonic Scales Guitar

I am interested in learning more about the diatonic scale. how it is built and how to harmonized it. i would also like to know what the difference between major and minor diatonic scales is please write to me when you have a chance.

The term "Diatonic" refers to the major scale. Major scale patterns are taught in Fretboard Theory chapter 5. The rest of the book will fill in other guitar theory gaps and help you put everything to good use (including lots of song references). Minor scales are simply modes of the major scale. They do not require you to learn new patterns. Once you map out all the notes of the major scale on the guitar fretboard, you use the same patterns for minor tonalities. This is based on guitar modes. The modal concept is also taught in Fretboard Theory, plus my DVD Guitar Modes - The Modal Scales of Popular Music.

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