Monday, September 29, 2008

Guitar Theory Book Song References and Tab Resources

What is your recommendation for the best way to procure the guitar tablatures
that are referenced throughout the music theory book? I know that there can be
several ways to do this, but my question is for your recommendation as
to the best way to do it ... thank you.

Fretboard Theory is not a tabbed songbook but rather a method for learning the theory behind music and popular songs, with lots of references present. Although I help you get started with the free tab I give away to all website visitors, the rest of the song recommendations will need to be looked up and learned on your own. You can find these songs transcribed in guitar magazines, tab books, other instructional books, and video websites.

I urge you to consult with the most accurate sources available. At this stage of your development you want to make sure you’re not missing the important details so don’t be afraid to pay for the good stuff. The tab you find on the Internet is rarely complete or accurate.

During my research for this book I relied heavily upon tab books published by the Hal Leonard Corporation. This company has an excellent selection of authentic guitar and bass transcriptions. For more information including a complete listing of the artist series tab books and sheet music available visit your local music store or log onto Also, check out and These two web sites offer you the option of purchasing and immediately printing authentic tab by individual song. You don’t have to wait for materials to arrive in the mail and you don’t have to pay for a whole book!

Don’t forget to also search the videos posted at and for live performance clips and song learning lessons.

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